Germany/Isernhagen (near Hannover), 21 November 2003
Blues Garage

written by Ulli Schramme

First time I met Barry McCabe was in 1985. He played with his former Band "Albatross" at a local club, the legendary "Leine - Domizil". I remember that evening very well. The band hit the stage and many hours later, after many encores, I was a loyal Albatross - fan.
In 1986 I had the chance to see them play at the "Rose of Tralee Festival", Co. Kerry, Ireland. As you can imagine, the same thing happened there. Hours and hours of Blues, Rock and wonderful ballads at its best. Unforgettable!

And now, after all those years, Barry played with his new band just a few miles from my home.
Irish Singer/Songwriter Martin O'Sullivan did a great job as supporting act. A fine singer and a fine guitar player as well.

Then Barry McCabe and his excellent band started their show. Wow, Barry was better than ever before! He can get everything out of his Gibson guitars. Slow Blues, Rock´n´Roll, ballads, really everything. Did I mention that he is great on the acoustic guitar, too? I enjoyed every second of his wonderful guitarplaying and his rich voice.
But even an outstanding musician like Barry is nothing without a great band. And his band is really at the same level as him. Excellent musicians in their own right.
I never heard that unique combination of a Blues/Rock band with that Uilleann Pipes. It might sound strange to you, but that combination works very well! Just listen to their fantastic version of "Oh Well" and you will know what I mean. Celtic Blues. A new genre of music.Every song was a masterpiece, so I just want to tell you about a few of them.
Barry and his Band in Hannover

Full Moon On Main Street: cold thrills on my back...

Kissin´ In Your Sleep: 100% Rock

The Emigrant: that one touched my heart because I loved Rory

You Don´t Love Me: one of my all - time favorites

Some Kind Of Wonderful: hey Barry, why do know all my favorite songs :-)

Oh Well: in my opinion even better than P. Green´s version

Pick A Bale Of Cotton: a unique version played with respect

Johnny B. Goode/Bye Bye Johnny: Barry´s tribute to Chuck Berry. Chuck would like it!

The Peace Within: another rocker with brilliant lyrics

One Of These Days: again cold thrills on my back...

And many, many more wonderful songs! Too much to list them here.

Take my advice: go to the manager of your local club and don´t leave his office until he made a contract with Barry :-)
Meanwhile listen to his records as often as possible.


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