Rory Gallagher Lyrics - Cloak And Dagger

Cloak And Dagger

She's got that cloak and dagger,
Sidewalk swagger,
Silent danger in her style.
An air of mystery,
You know it hit me,
When I saw those flashing lines.
Oh no, well don't you run and hide,
Lord I've been hypnotized,
Use no small town chatter,
She got the moonlight manner.
Use sleight of hand,
Tricks of the light.
Ain't no pretender,
She's a real contender.
Snakes and ladders ain't her style.
Oh no, well don't drive me wild,
Oww.. I'm feeling so mystified.
Oh yeah, you know you drive me wild,
Well I'm feeling so mystified.

I've got that awkward stammer,
I just sorta stand there.
Some crazy feeling,
Cramps my style.
I should know better,
She's a real upsetter.
Well that moonlight manner,
Has got my mind.

Oh yeah, well don't you run and hide,
Oh yeah, I feel hypnotized

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