Rory Gallagher Lyrics - Souped - Up Ford

Souped - Up Ford

Take your foot off the brakes
But you won't stop my souped-up Ford
Well, you can set your watch 'cos i won't stop
I've got my foot to the floor
Well, this greedy jeep don't need no sleep
Eats all the gas that you can pour
It's a front-wheel drive and it sounds like a bee-hive
Good lord, that's for sure

I'm blowing town, not breaking down
Can't you hear that sound, those wheels on the ground
I'm on my way, i can't stay
Make no mistake, i'm pulling out today

Hit that spot on the dial and wait for a while
Till those tubes are all a-glow
Got to be nice to the wheel, you need nerves of steel
But you know that is no joke

Well, i guararntee you'll feel higher
On those pneumatic tyres
'Cos they sure grip the road
Keep that engine clean, feed it good gasoline
Good Lord that's for sure

I'm blowing town, i won't be breaking down
I'm moving down, hear those wheels hitting the ground
I'm on my way, i sure can't stay
Make no mistake, I'm leaving this town today

No highway cop's gonna make me stop what i've started
'Cos i won't be free till i get up
and go where my heart is

You know what it takes to try
To catch up to my souped-up Ford
Well, make no mistake by applying the brakes
When i say "All aboard"
Well, you can roll up the sidewalk
And end all the small talk
When i shift them gears
Cos i won't be back till i head down the track
A thousand miles from here

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