Tributeband "Laundromat"


The inspiration for the formation of Laundromat arose out of a contact from Klaas and Annet Spijker to Danny Vlaspoel in June 2000. After two very successful Rory Gallagher tributes in Leeuwarden they were looking for new bands – in particular for a Dutch band to play 100% Rory music.

Danny, a Rory fan since age 14 who had seen the Man perform quite a few times, was pleased and honoured to take on the challenge. He located three like-minded musicians and Laundromat was born. The original line–up was :
Fred Koridon on vocals, Joeke Wouda on bass, Piet Spring-in-het-veld on drums and Danny on guitar.

Leeuwarden 2001 was the launch-pad for the new band and they were absolutely delighted with the reception to their 10 song /one hour set from an audience of seasoned Gallagher fans from Ireland, Germany, England, Belgium, Scotland, Norway and the Netherlands. They were really struck by the depth of enthusiasm and warmth of the response. As the audience sang along with every song and hung on every note they felt that this was something very special. There was almost a spiritual feeling about the great influence of one man – Rory Gallagher.

After Leeuwarden Tony Moore (the hard-working organiser of the Irish tribute scene) called to invite Laundromat to visit the “Emerald Isle”. They were delighted to accept and had a great tour in October 2001.
Rob Heijne had just joined as drummer and the band will never forget the buzz as they toured Ireland together, played various venues around the country, got a terrific reception and made many new friends.

In March 2002 Laundromat played Leeuwarden again and were also invited to play the after-tribute on Sunday night. This was a poignant event as they had just announced their reluctant decision to break-up. Unfortunately Fred was leaving due to time pressures and the others felt that this was the end of the road for Laundromat. The night had a very special atmosphere with the band playing excelling themselves and a marvellous audience reaction.
Several months passed and the three other members began to “ feel the itch”. They got back to playing again as a threesome and then happily Ed Verschoor joined as vocalist.

Danny, Joeke, Ed and Rob played Leeuwarden in March 2003 & 2004 and furthermore several venues & Tribute-Festivals in Ireland 2003.

They believe this music is meant to be played forever.
It’s honest, mean, touchy and raw, but most of all it’s real.
That’s why the music and tributes must go on for that one great man:

Rory Gallagher (R.I.P.)