Walter E. Peterson
Walter E. Peterson ...

...  attended Florida State University where he studied both
graphic design and fine art. He now resides with his wife and their canine
companions in Roswell, Georgia, pursuing his passion for painting on a full
time basis. A realist at heart when it comes to portraiture, Walter has been
primarily self taught. He has extensively studied the works of several famous
painters and portraitists over the years such as John Howard Sanden,
John de la Vega, and Nelson Shanks.

Regularly he spends ten to twelve hours a day, six days a week in his studio.
Yes, one could say he is obsessed with his painting! Although he is adept at
portraying all ages, his children are looked upon in a special light, full of
personality and vitality. Capturing the innocence of youth in his realistic style
allows the artist to accentuate the delicate qualities of the little ones, with
the end result portraying a wonderful likeness, and their true essence conveyed.

A perfectionist at heart, Walter prefers to take his paintings to a level of
realism so as to bring as much reality into the composition as possible,
while not compromising the art form.

Dear Walter,

thank you very much for this fantastic Oil Painting of
Rory Gallagher!

*** ***