Rory Gallagher - guitartabs

  Ain't Too Good
  A Million Miles Away
  A Million Miles Away - 2
  As The Crow Flies (Tony Joe White)
  Brute, Force And Ignorance(Intro)
  Bullfrog Blues
  Calling Card
  Continental Op
  Cradle Rock
  Crest Of A Wave
  Daughter Of The Everglades
  Edged In Blue
  Empire State Express (Son House)
  Follow Me
  For The Last Time
  Ghost Blues
  Ghost Blues - 2
  Hands Off
  I Fall Apart - 2
  Jacknife Beat
  Living Like A Trucker
  Messin´ With The Kid
  Moonchild Excerpts
  Morning Sun
  Nothin' But The Devil (Lightnin' Slim)
  Out On The Western Plain
  Out On The Western Plain - 2
  Pistol Slapper Blues
  Race The Breeze
  Rory Gallagher - Different Riffs
  Shadow Play Guitar Solo
  Sinner boy - Introduction
  Souped Up Ford
  Tattoo'd Lady - Basstab
  The Cuckoo
  They Don´t Make Them Like You Anymore
  They Don´t Make Them Like You Anymore - Basstab
  Unmilitary Two-Step
  Used To Be - Introduction
  Used To Be
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