Rory Gallagher Lyrics - Brute Force And Ignorance

Brute Force And Ignorance

Brute Force and Ignorance,
Just hit town,
Looking like survivors,
From the Lost and Found.
Brute Force and Ignorance,
Have come to play,
A one-night stand at eight o'clock,
Then they'll be on their way.
This old town's exploding,
And the mayor's uptight,
He'd like to make it to the show,
But he knows it's not his night.
He's got to be beholding,
To his legal spouse,
But she's put the thumbscrews on him,
And snuck out of the house.
There she goes.
The picture on the poster,
Raised an eyebrow or two,
At fifty-five to seven,
Lord, you should've seen the queue.
City slick and country hick,
They came one and all,
The traffic-light girl and the downhome kids,
Assembled in the hall.
Brute Force and Ignorance,
Yes, that's the name,
The young folks gonna miss them,
Now they've gone away.
Well, the show got so crazy,
Today they took the billboard down,
I'll never forget the scene last night,
When the band was escorted out of town.
This little town's back in slow motion,
I'm sad to say,
After the confusion,
It'll never be the same.
Well, I took a walk down Main Street,
Just to pass the time,
And I could hear that music,
Still rolling through my mind.
Brute Force and Ignorance,
They sure hit town,
And if you want to find them, buddy,
They're down at the Lost and Found

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