Rory Gallagher - Lyrics - Texte

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___20 : 20 Vision
___A Million Miles Away
___Admit It
___Ain´t Too Good
___All Around Man
___As The Crow Flies
___At The Bottom
___At The Depot
___Banker´s Blues
___Bad Penny
___Barley And Grape Rag
___Big Guns
___Bought And Sold
___Brute Force & Ignorance
___Bullfrog Blues
___Calling Card
___Can´t Believe It´s True
___Cloak And Dagger
___Continental Op
___Country Mile
___Cradle Rock
___Crest Of A Wave
___Cross Me Of Your List
___Cruise On Out
___Daughter Of The Everglades
___Do You Read Me
___Doing Time
___Don´t Know Where I´m Going
___Don't Start Me Talkin´
___Double Vision
___Edged In Blue
___Empire State Express
___Failsafe Day
___Follow Me
___For The Last Time
___Fuel To The Fire
___Ghost Blues
___Going To My Hometown
___Gypsy Woman
___Hands Off
___Hands Up
___Heaven´s Gate
___Hell Cat
___I Ain't No Saint
___I Could´ve Had Religion
___I Take What I Want
___I´ll Admit You´re Gone
___I´m Not Awake Yet
___I´m Not Surprised
___If I Had A Reason
___It Takes Time
___It´s You
___I Fall Apart
___In Your Town
___I Wonder Who
___Jacknife Beat
___Just A Little Bit
___Just Hit Town
___Just The Smile
___Jackknife Beat
___Kickback City
___'Kid' Gloves
___King Of Zydeco
___Last Of The Independants
___Let Me In
___Livin´ Like A Trucker
___Loanshark Blues
___Loose Talk
___Lost At Sea
___Maybe I Will
___Messin´ With The Kid
___Middle Name
___Morning Sun
___No Peace For The Wicked
___Off The Handle
___Out Of My Mind
___Out On The Western Plain
___Overnight Bag
___Pistol Slapper Blues
___Public Enemy No. 1
___Race The Breeze
___Ride On Red, Ride On
___Road To Hell
___Secret Agent
___Seems To Me
___Seven Days
___Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
___Shadow Play
___Shin Kicker
___Should I´ve Learnt My Lesson
___Smear Campaign
___Souped - Up Ford
___Sleep On A Clothes Line
___Slumming Angel
___Tattoo´d Lady
___The Continental OP
___The Devil Made Me Do It
___The Mississippi Sheiks
___There´s A Light
___They Don´t Make Them Like You Anymore
___Too Much Alcohol
___Used To Be
___Walk On Hot Coals
___Walking Wounded
___Wave Myself Goodbye
___Wayward Child
___Whole Lotta People
___Who´s That Coming