Rory Gallagher Lyrics - Road To Hell

Road To Hell

Soft-soped on the road to hell
So many times I've tripped and fell
No chances left
The sky is falling down on me

One step from the demons' fire
Can't stop the train
The flames are getting higher
Too late to save me
The wall is coming down on me

Broken wishes, broken dreams
Close to the edge
I cut it lean
No regrets
The angels gonna cry on me

Push the tempo, push the time
No excuses, not this time
No way out
The ground is opening up on me

Can you feel the heat
Coming from the street
Pour rain down on me

They tried to keep me on a long thin chain
Thanks but no thanks just the same
You saw it coming
The devil has got a jump on me

Lost soul on the road to Hell
Wind up the motor and ring the bell
No stooping now
The pains coming down on me

Straight time on the road to hell
No mercy time at the wishing well
No running back
Angels gonna cry for me

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