Rory Gallagher Lyrics - The Mississippi Sheiks

The Mississippi Sheiks

I saw the Mississippi Sheiks
On the corner of the street,
Or was it just a dream?
Like i've been travelling in a time machine.

So come along with me back to the southern streets.
I saw old Peg-leg Howell
His gang were making quite a sound,
I heard Bo Carter wail
And a git-fiddle combo play.

Come along and see the Mississippi Sheiks.

What you got to lose?
Can't you hear me calling, calling you?
Tell me why should you stall?
You'll never live at all,
Till you've done that Georgia crawl

Well,i hear you, little girl,
You say you've been all round this world,
From Moscow to Abilene
But there's one place you've yet to see

So come along and see the Mississippi Sheiks.
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